Some of our projects are concerned with Meta-Science - research about research. In one project, we investigated the efficacy of post-experimental debriefings to remedy the negative effects of ego threatening manipulations in research studies on participants' well-being (Miketta & Friese, 2019). Two projects examined the theoretical basis (i.e., the strength model of self-control) and the empirical research on ego depletion effects (Friese, Loschelder, Gieseler, Frankenbach, & Inzlicht, 2019; Gieseler, Loschelder, & Friese, 2019). A recent book chapter covers the concept of p-hacking, the consequences of p-hacking for scientific progress, the prevalence and detection of p-hacking, and ways to prevent it (Reis & Friese, in press). Finally, in another project we employed a large-scale simulation study to examine the influence of p-hacking and publication bias on the distortion of meta-analytic effect size estimates (Friese & Frankenbach, 2020).