Digital Human Resource Management I: Basics (DHRM I)


The module „Digital Human Resource Management I: Basics“ is focused on the integrated management of Digital HR Data, Digital HR Organization (HR structures and HR processes) and Digital HR Systems.

To this end, the relevant concepts, categories and processes of digital HR data, organization and systems were respectively covered. Diverse METHOD EXCURSUSES ensured practical abilities of students in designing data, organization and systems of digital HRM.


Students acquire comprehensive and advanced qualifications in digital HRM (European Qualification Framework (EQF) Level 7). They know relevant legal basics, are familiar with concepts, categories and processes of digital HR data, digital HR organization and digital HR systems and can manage these areas independently:

  • advanced knowledge of digital HR data, organization and systems based on a critical understanding of theoretical foundations,
  • advanced practical digital HRM skills (purposeful design, implementation, application and control of digital HR data, organization and systems) and
  • management of demanding work contexts in the area of digital HRM with responsibility for strategic leadership and decision-making.


  • Business Administration:                     Master exam regulations 27.02.2014
  • Business Information Systems:          Master exam regulations 27.02.2014
  • Business and Economics Education: Master exam regulations 27.02.2014
  • Economics and Law:                            Master exam regulations 27.02.2014
  • Digital Business Administration:        Master exam regulations 18.12.2020


The module comprises lectures and tutorials. 

Module Offer

The module is offered in the Summer Semester. Details are available at Moodle e-learning platform
Contact person: Mathias Becker and Ellen Weller

Summer semester 2024: Schedule


Tuesdays, from 10:15 to 11:45 a.m. in building B4 1, seminar room 0.26

Lecture begins:



Tuesdays, from 14:00 to 16:00 p.m. in building B4 1, CIP-Pool

Tutorial begins:


Workload/Credit points

180 h / 6 CP


We have been doing all our best to have a didactically sensible structure of the courses we offer. To ensure its continuous improvement we therefore participate in the QUALIS-Evaluation every semester.

Summer Semester 2023Course Grade Reference Group

The complete results are available here: QUALIS Evaluation Lecture, QUALIS Evaluation Tutorial