We are hiring! Postdoc & PhD positions available

Quantum Technologies with color centers in diamonds and single photons

For our projects on quantum networks, quantum repeaters, quantum frequency conversion of photonic qubits, creation of cluster states with color centers in diamond we are always looking for interested students and postdocs. Please contact us for details.

We are constantly looking for highly motivated students. Our projects are:

  • spectroscopy and quantum optics on color centers in diamond
  • quantum photonics with micro- and nanocavities in diamond
  • nonlinear optics with single photons

For more details please see our research sites and publications. Our research activities are funded by national and international projects and profit from cooperations with a number of international partners. We are looking for candidates with excellent master’s degree in physics or similar subjects. A strong background and hands-on lab experience in optics, quantum optics, spectroscopy, electronics and computer control of experiments is favorable.

Further information:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Becher