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For various projects in quantum technologies (quantum repeater, quantum communication, optical quantum computing) we are looking for PhD students and/or Postdocs with experience in nanophotonics/nanofabrication or experimental quantum optics or spectroscopy. For more information please contact Christoph Becher!

Open positions:

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter/Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Wissenschaftskommunikation

Wissenschaftlicher Koordinator/Wissenschaftliche Koordinatorin des Verbundprojekts Quantenrepeater.Link (QR.X)

Entanglement of quantum memories over 33 km telecom fiber

A joint experiment of Harald Weinfurter's group at LMU Munich and our group resultet in entanglement of two quantum memories, i.e. two single Rubidium atoms, over 33 km telecom fiber. This exoeriment is an important prerequisite for realization of long-distance quantum networks. The original paper was published in Nature on July 6, 2022: T. van Leent, M. Bock, F. Fertig, R. Garthoff, S. Eppelt, Y. Zhou, P. Malik, M. Seubert, T. Bauer, W. Rosenfeld, W. Zhang, C. Becher and H. Weinfurter, Entangling single atoms over 33 km telecom fibre, Nature 607, 69 (2022).

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Information zu Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten in der AG Quantenoptik

Aktuelle Informationen zu möglichen Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten sind hier verfügbar. Die AG Quantenoptik forscht schwerpunktmäßig in den Bereichen Spektroskopie, Nanophotonik und Nichtlineare Optik. Bei Interesse an einer Abschlussarbeit in unserer Arbeitsgruppe sprechen Sie uns gerne direkt oder per E-Mail an! Unsere Kontaktdaten finden Sie im verlinkten Dokument. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Ideen!

Research alliance on quantum communication launched - 35 million euros for three years

Digitalization of everyday life is advancing quickly, and at the same time the growing exchange of sensitive data needs more security. A communication network based on the laws of quantum physics would be an important asset based on the physically guaranteed security against eavesdropping. The joint project "Quantum Repeater.Link" (QR.X) is pursuing this very goal. It is being funded for three years by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with around 35 million euros. It is coordinated by Christoph Becher from Saarland University.

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