Digital Hydraulics

program funded by the European Union by means of the European Regional Development Fund


Digital Hydraulics is a research project concerned with systems controlled by active discrete hydraulic elements and sub-systems. The use of discrete elements such as a set of switching valves instead of a single servo valve characterizes digital hydraulics as a new research area with numerous challenges regarding dynamic behavior and control design. Special focus lies on digital hydraulic systems that show advantages over conventional systems regarding energy efficiency, cost efficiency or robustness.

The main goal of this project is a fundamental analysis of selected digital fluid power systems using tools and methods from system theory and control engineering. The findings of this research are intended to help localizing and evaluating possible fields of industrial applications for digital hydraulics. The project aims to provide a theoretical and methodological knowledge that will serve as a basis for development of competitive digital hydraulic components and systems.


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Contact Person

Dipl.-Ing. C. Stauch (ZeMA)