BA David Schu

Bachelor's Thesis David Sebastian Schu, 2023

Beiträge zur Regelung von aktiv magnetisch geführten Kreissägewerkzeugen


In order to increase cost efficiency in wood processing, the thickness of saw blades used in circular saws has been reduced for a number of years. This results in less sawdust, which significantly reduces economic losses due to less material wastage. However, at the same time, the tendency of the saw blades to vibrate is increased. These vibrations cause a number of negative effects, such as accumulation of more sawdust and an increase in noise.


Therefore, an active vibration controller using an electromagnetic actuator for a circular saw used at the Chair of Systems Theory and Control Engineering is designed. This includes the commissioning of the test setup, the simplified mathematical modeling of two saw blades and the actuator, taking into account non-linear effects such as saturation. Therefore, estimation and control algorithms are designed, which are validated simulatively and experimentally both when the saw is at a standstill and when it is idling. Furthermore, investigations into the positioning of a sensor-actuator-unit and the deformation behavior of a saw blade are carried out.