BA Mahmoud Mustafa

Bachelor's Thesis Mahmoud Mustafa, 2022

Untersuchung von Beobachteransätzen für ein invertiertes Pendel auf einem Wagen


In this work, different observer approaches as well as observer-based tracking controllers are designed for a gantry crane model and tested both simulatively and experimentally. The dynamics of the crane model are described with the help of a nonlinear mathematical model, which can then be linearised about a stable and an unstable equilibrium. Based on these linear models, the controller and the observer design is carried out.

The work is divided into four different parts. The first part is dedicated to the mathematical modelling of the gantry crane. The second part deals with both the feedforward and the feedback control design, which ensures stabilisation of the pendulum that is pivoted on the cart. Building on the previous parts, the third part of the thesis deals with the design of different Luenberger observers. Subsequently, observer-based
tracking controllers are designed and compared. In the last part of this work, disturbances are also considered and different disturbance observers, as well as disturbance observer-based tracking controllers, are designed and compared. Different methods are used for the parameterisation of the controller and observer gains.