MA Peter Scherer

Masters's Thesis Peter Scherer, 2019

Beiträge zum Steuerungs- und zum Reglerentwurf für Aktuatoren auf der Basis dielektrischer Elastomere


Actuators based on dielectric elastomers are increasingly popular for research and industrial applications in recent years.
Because of their nonlinear behavior they are typically only used in switching mode.
Established methods like LMI-based PID control are robust but display poor trajectory tracking performance.

As shown in this thesis, a circular membrane actuator based on dielectric elastomers is a flat system.
With different approximations of the model, flatness-based feedforward terms and a tracking controller are designed.
Besides that, it can be shown that the disadvantages of the established PID controls can be compensated by such nonlinear feedforward terms.
All the presented methods are validated and compared in simulation and experimentally with a real actuator.