MA Sonja Bleymehl

Masters's Thesis Sonja Bleymehl, 2020

Beiträge zum Entwurf regelungstechnischer Methoden mit Konvergenz in endlicher Zeit auf der Basis von Zeittransformationen


In many areas it can be useful or even necessary for a system to converge in finite time, therefore sliding mode control is widely used. A disadvantage of this approach is that the time of convergence depends on the initial conditions. In the present work, a transformation of independent variables is used to design a n-th order homogeneous differential equation which converges in prescribed time. This differential equation can be used to replace asymptotically stable error differential equations in the design process of known control approaches. In the following, first a feedback controller and an observer for flat, single input single output systems will be designed. Afterwards the design approach for the feedback controller is expanded to include flat systems with multiple inputs multiple outputs. All results are confirmed by simulations.