AI-assisted qualitative and quantitative improvement of mechanical recycling of plastic packaging.

  • Duration: 2022 - 2025
  • Grant: BMBF

On 01.09.2022 the joint project K3I-Cycling (AI-supported optimization of the recycling of plastic packaging) started, which addresses the AI-supported optimization of the recycling of plastic packaging. Together with 23 other partners, the Chair of Legal Informatics of Prof. Dr. Christoph Sorge wants to actively work on the qualitative and quantitative improvement of mechanical recycling of plastic packaging waste.

This goal is to be achieved initially by providing an innovative AI interface for the cross-sector collection of relevant information in the sense of a light packaging product passport. The data collected via the AI interface can then be used to address the optimization of the lightweight packaging cycle. To realize the project, an Artifical Neural Twin (ANT), i.e. a digital mapping of the value chain that is able to optimally adjust the individual components to a global quality measure, will be used. The innovations planned in the project will be tested and optimized in a light packaging sorting plant that is in real use, thus enabling development on an industrial scale.

The Chair of Legal Informatics at Saarland University is entrusted with answering the legal questions in the K3I-Cycling project. The focus will not only be on examining the extent to which personal data is collected and processed as part of the light packaging cycle. Rather, the relationship between the various players will also be considered, particularly with regard to the protection of trade secrets. In this context, it is necessary to create a legally compliant networking of the actors, which also includes the sharing of data among each other in compliance with data protection.
The topics described deal with highly topical issues relating to data protection law and trade secret protection law. Among other things, it is necessary to examine which rights of use arise during collaboration. Furthermore, the currently much-discussed question of possible "data ownership" plays an important role.

In addition to the legal analysis, the UdS will also analyze technical solution approaches such as anonymization or pseudonymization procedures and examine their applicability to the scenario under consideration.
The project duration of the K3I-Cycling project is 3 years, during which the project consortium will contribute to the optimization of the recycling cycle of plastic packaging with the help of technical innovations. The team of the Saarbrücken Center for Law and Digitalization supports the implementation of the project and supervises it organizationally.

Further information on the project website.