Finding research data, evaluating your own research data, preparing and storing your research data - as a research-oriented infrastructure, CLARIN-D is a partner of the humanities and social sciences, dealing with language processing in the broadest sense. From syntactically annotated text corpora to psycholinguistic experiments and from historical texts to lexical resources, CLARIN-D focuses particularly on resources relevant to the philologies and language sciences. In addition, CLARIN-D experts also deal with general questions relating to the creation and implementation of research projects. This includes legal and ethical questions or data management planning in accordance with the requirements of third-party funders. Furthermore, CLARIN-D offers tools and opportunities for exchange of expertise.

CLARIN-D is a long-term digital research infrastructure for language resources in the humanities and social sciences. This infrastructure includes language databases, interoperable language technology tools and web-based language processing services. The focus of CLARIN-D is on users: researchers and students in the humanities and social sciences may use resources and technologies in a simple and uniform manner without having to deal with their technical complexity. You can contribute your research results to CLARIN-D as a new resource and thus make them permanently available for future research. The backbone of the CLARIN-D infrastructure is a network of interconnected complementary centers. These centers are characterized by proven competence and international reputation.

At the European level, CLARIN-D is connected to the CLARIN ERIC, which forms a link between all  national initiatives.
As a national initiative, CLARIN-D is funded by the BMBF (Bundesministrium für Bildung und Forschung) The funding of the individual CLARIN-D centers also includes own funds of the participating research institutions and federal states.




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