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10.12.2021 | Kekulé Fellowship by the Fonds of the Chemical Industry awarded to Anna-Lena Thömmes

Congratulations to @ALThoemmes, the carnival enthusiast @scheschkewitz group, for the award of a Kekulé Fellowship by the Fonds of the Chemical Industry @chemieverband. Well done, Anna-Lena!

She will be continuing her research on Ge=Ge polymers https//:

27.08.2021 | Chemistry Week for 30 high school students

Chemistry Week for 30 high school students with Prof. M. Gallei (Organic Chemistry), C. Kay (Physical- and Didactics of Chemistry), D. Munz (Inorganic Chemistry) and PhD students. It was a lot of fun for us, see you hopefully again! Further informations can be found  here.

01.08.2021 | Job advertisement: Postdoc Mass Spectrometry for Service Center

A vacancy is currently being advertised for the scientific supervision of the Mass Spectrometry Service Unit until 30.08.2021. Further information can be found here.

28.07.2021 | Zwitterions: new solutions for grand challanges?

The Munz groups presents a concept article in Nature Chemistry Reviews, which illustrates how zwitterions are of use in photochemistry (OLEDs, solar cells), catalysis (dihydrogen), and switchable materials in sensors. New solutions for grand challenges? For further informations see here

27.07.2021 | The Department of Chemistry mourns the death of Prof. Dr. Horst Wagner

On July 27nd, 2021 our esteemed colleague Prof. Dr. Horst Wagner (1935-2021) passed away.  An obituary (in German).



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March 21-23, 2022 | Chemiedozententagung at the Saarland University

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