Curriculum (Studiengangslisten)

The Examinations Office provides information on the current curriculum (Studiengangslisten) every semester. They are relevant for planing your studies and provide the basis for the course catalogue (LSF) and the module catalogue. You can find the current curriculum under Studiengangslisten

Module catalogues

The module catalogue provides in-depth information on the content of each class (please have a look at the curriculum (Studiengangslisten) first to find out which classes you can attend for your specific program). You can find the module catalogues unter Modulhandbücher

Advisory services

The Central Student Advisory Service helps prospective and registered students alike with questions concerning which programme to pick, to switch to or how to finance one's studies.

The Admissions Office is responsible for registrations, re-registrations and de-registrations. They also process the applications for all degree programmes at Saarland University.


The International Office coordinates all exchange programmes (i.e. Erasmus+) and all international collaborations of Saarland University. They advise the university, its faculties and departments with all questions concerning international issues.

You want to know more about the exchange programmes at the Department of Economics? You can find all the information under Erasmus+.


The General Students' Committee (AStA) represents all students, offers diverse counseling services and regularly hosts events and parties.

Student Council

The Student Council for the Department of Economics Fachschaft WiWi represents the interests of all students of the department, helps with questions concerning their studies and provides a campus orientation for freshmen.