Examinations/examination dates

Registration for exams and internships

Registration for examinations and practical courses belonging to the Bachelor's/Master's Quantum Engineering degree programs is done via HISPOS. This also applies to the study programs participating in the Elementary Introduction to Physics or the Basic Practical Course, which are implemented in HISPOS.

Instructions on how to proceed can be found here.

Instructions for the registration and repetition of examinations

  • Participation in an examination must be registered via HISPOS in good time (7 days before the examination date).

  • An examination that was taken for the first time within the standard period of study of the module but was not passed is considered as not having been taken and is therefore not counted towards the total number of possible attempts.

  • An examination that was successfully taken within the standard period of study of the module can be repeated within one year to improve the grade - the better grade will then count. The Bachelor thesis is excluded from this rule.

  • An examination can also be taken for the first time after the standard period of study of the module, provided that the examination entitlement still exists.

  • The standard study semester for each module can be found in the study regulations § 6.

  • Before the last attempt at an examination, which is usually oral, students are advised to attend a preliminary examination interview.

Students who have already obtained 150 CP in the Bachelor's program in physics can register for the module examinations Experimental Physics V and Theoretical Physics V in the module "Early Master's Examinations". Students who have obtained less than 150 CP in the Bachelor's degree cannot register for the examination. The passed exams can be brought in later in the Master's program.

Attention: passing one of these exams does not automatically mean admission to the Master's program.

Please note:

Only the dates and rooms in the exam calendar are current. Any other downloads may be outdated. Therefore, you should regularly check the exam calendar for changes.

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