Methodology / Fachdidaktik

Methodology / Fachdidaktik

The main aims of the methodology section are:

  • to offer students an insight into the key concepts and principles in TEFL
  • to help students develop both the teaching and language skills needed in the foreign language classroom, and
  • to support students in preparing for their First State Exam.

Within the methodology section, students are offered classes ranging from introductory courses (Introduction to Teaching English as a foreign Language) conveying basic knowledge in all areas relevant to EFL teaching to courses integrating language learning and TEFL methodology (Language Course III) to specialised courses (Proseminare Fachdidaktik) dealing with specific aspects such as applied linguistics and media literacy.

In addition, students gain some teaching practice during their two school placements (semesterbegleitendes Fachpraktikum & 4-wöchiges Blockpraktikum), which are complemented by two accompanying courses: Begleitveranstaltung sbFP / 4-wöchiges BP.

For more detailed information on the First State Exam see our Merkblatt STEX.