The Writing Center

Our Mission

The Writing Center’s mission is to equip students with the proper tools to understand and produce English written works in a collaborative learning environment. The writing strategies practiced in the center will better prepare multilingual and L2 students for their studies and future careers. We offer students one-on-one appointments at any stage of the writing process.
While the center is a tutoring resource, it is not only for students who are struggling. The center is a resource for all UdS students, at any level, that is meant to help guide them through the writing process to better understand their text and process as writers. 


Appointment Types and Services

We offer four types of appointments

Writing Consultations - Research Consultations - Proofreading Services

Writing Consultations are designed to assist students with: 

  • Brainstorming
  • Outline drafting
  • Short essay & term paper planning & drafting
  • CV/Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Ethical use of AI generated text:
    • Basics of how to use AI
    • Prompt writing/crafting
    • Interpreting what is useful and what is not
    • How to properly cite AI text
  • General asistance with:
    • Class assignments
    • Sentence & paragraph structure
    • Grammar
    • Emails/Letters
    • Formal English writing 

Research Consultations are designed to assist students with: 

  • Correct research practices
  • Citation styles

Peer-to-peer Consultations (Will return in November 2024)

Our Peer-to-peer Appointments are exclusively available for BA/undergraduate students seeking a supportive space for writing assistance. Please be aware that if you are making an appointment as part of a course requirement, you will need to make an appointment with a lecturer.  If you're unsure whether this is the right type of appointment for you, feel free to talk to your instructor or send us an email. 

Peer-to-peer sessions connect students with a peer tutor who is trained to help guide them through the writing process. As per data protections and regulations, peer tutors are bound to confidentially and are trained to be supportive in giving useful feedback in a non-judgmental way. 
Please be aware that our peer tutor is currenly abroad and will return in November 2024 with a wealth of new knowledge and expereince to assist students. 

Proofreading Service

  • MA & PhD theses or publications only
  • An appointment may not be necessary, please email for inquires  (Soonest availiblity for new proofreading inquiry is May 2024)

**Note: As our staff is limited, this service is limited as well. Please email the Writing Center for questions, avaliability, and timeframes concerning proofreading services**

How to make an appointment

Step One: Click the link to view the Outlook Appointment Calendar 

Step Two: Find an appointment labeled "Free Appointment" or "Free peer-to-peer appointment" (check our "types of appointments" to see which one is the right appointment for you) . You can choose between "in person" or "online" make sure to let us know in the email!

Step Three: Email us the day and time that works best for you

Step Four: Wait for our confirmation email 

Step Five: Arrive on time and be prepared for your appointment 


What to expect at your appointment

Making an appointment at the Writing Center is great, but what excatly  happens during the appointment? 

A Writing Center appointment, or one-on-one tutoring, is an opportunity for students to receive additional feedback on their written assigments. For shorter assignments, the tutor will go over the assignment with the student and ask questions concerning clarity, intention, and structure. The tutor will also provide feedback and direction concerning grammar and/or conventions.

It is important that the student comes prepared to the meeting by having specific questions or concerns ready. 

The Writing Center is unable to provide academic guidence or assistance with field/departmental content.  

Feel free to contact us for further questions and we look forward to see you at your appointment! 

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Hours for Summer Semester 2024:

During Summer Semester, we will offer appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Check our calendar for dates and times!