Teachers' Day 2016

13th Teachers’ Day: Feedback in the language classroom: T-S; Ss-T; S-S; T-T

Continuing our series of successful and popular Teachers’ Days, the English Department of Saarland University in cooperation with the ZfL, the LPM and the ILF invites teachers, teacher trainees and students of English to the


13th Teachers’ Day

20th of September, 2016, 8:30 -16:00

at Saarland University



Feedback in the language classroom: T-S; Ss-T; S-S; T-T

The best feedback also feeds forward. This is the principle underlying the theme of this year’s Teachers’ Day. Teaching without feedback can resemble a one-way conversation, which is why we will explore ways in which to generate more productive dialogue around learning. In the past, feedback has often been used to provide teachers with information on pupils’ current state of learning. This approach is somewhat one-sided in that it places little emphasis on pupils’ desire and awareness of how to improve and take control of their own learning.

Teachers’ Day 2016 will pick up last year’s theme of integrated learning and teaching. The workshops will address a variety of questions and strategies related to feedback: How can we use principles of good feedback to help pupils to move forward? What strategies of overarching feedback can be applied to enable pupils to make connections between the four macro skills, grammar, and discourse? More broadly, how can we use feedback to improve our teaching? The workshops will also provide opportunities to share experiences and examples of best practice.

Workshops topics will enable participants to develop their knowledge of:

  • Summative vs. formative evaluation: differentiated feedback on written products
  • Responding to writing: a differentiated look at students' written products and training students in peer assessment


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