Become a mentor

Become part of the alumni mentoring scheme

The alumni mentoring scheme offers Saarland University alumni the opportunity to become a voluntary mentor to students currently enrolled at the university and to advise and guide them as they make the transition from university to the working world. The mentoring process is an informal one in which mentors support students by sharing valuable knowledge and insights about their own areas of professional expertise. Mentors and mentees are free to choose what they want to talk about.

Once you have registered, we will match you up with a suitable mentee and put you in contact with them. Mentoring can be undertaking in person or online. We recommend that mentors support students for one to two semesters.

The benefits of alumni mentoring:

  • Gain new insights and new ideas
  • Expand your managerial and advisory skills
  • Undertake an enriching voluntary activity


  • Saarland University alumnus or alumna
  • At least three years of professional experience


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