Welcome Week Erasmus

Winter Semester 2022

Orientation events for Erasmus students

You can find the introduction sessions for Erasmus students here. If not explicitly stated otherwise, the sessions will be offered as online events in Microsoft Teams.
Please read the guide below carefully.  You can participate in the sessions without your own Microsoft-Teams account.
The link to each event will be available shortly before the start!

Guide "How to participate"

FAQ Welcome Week

How can I participate in the online introductions?

By opening the link you can participate as guest from any computer. You do not need your own account. Please find instructions above!


Do I have to visit all the introductions?

Only participating in the "General Introduction for Erasmus Students" is mandatory for all Erasmus students. We will discuss topics that are very important for your Erasmus semester at Saarland University.  Furthermore you should attend the introduction of your study program. Please keep in mind that all introduction sessions offered are specifically tailored for new students. So you do not miss the opportunity to receive important information and ask questions. 

I can't participate in the introduction. What can I do?

If the introduction is mandatory, please contact us: erasmus@io.uni-saarland.de. If it is one of the recommended sessions, you don't have to do anything.

My study program does not offer an introduction.

Not all study programs offer introduction sessions! Please contact your departmental coordinator and ask your questions. If you intend to take courses from other departments, we also recommend to participate in those introductions as well. 

Do I have to participate in my study programs introduction?

We highly recommend to participate in the introduction of your study program. You will learn about chosing courses, exams and lectures. If you cannot participate, please contact your departmental coordinator.

Are all the introductions online?

Most of our introductions are offered online in MS Teams. Please find in the website above a guide about using MS Teams. If an introduction takes place on campus, we have linked the location and map for you.


Can I participate in the introductions of another study program?

You are welcome to join the introduction of other study programs you are interested in. For example: You are admitted in Language Science but you also want to take courses in the English department, you can participate in this session as well.



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