Incoming students for internships

Information for Erasmus+ Traineeships


At the moment, the application for Erasmus+ traineeships is not centralized. Please contact the department or institute you are interested in. 

Who can apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship
  • students in BA or MA programs
  • PhD students
Students from Erasmus+ partner universities

The agreements between the University of Saarland and their partners usually do not include traineeships. Please apply directly to the department or institute. We cannot guarantee that every applicant can be accepted. Once you are accepted you have to make a traineeship agreement with your home university.



Accepted trainees

Please get in contact with us before your arrival. We can help you organising your stay. We will check wether you are eligible for enrolment or an internship contract with our HR department. We will inform you in advance about travel, insurance and accommodation. Please find information on our Welcome Center website and prepare your stay. If you want to be enrolled during your traineeship, please provide an invitation letter from the department and a fully signed Learning Agreement.


Language requirements

The language requirements vary in every department. Please ask the department about their minimum requirement.



Trainees have the obligation to have health insurance in Germany. Students from within the EU can proof sufficient health insurance through their EHIC. Student from non-EU countries need to buy sufficient insurance.
In addition to health insurance, we highly recommend to buy a suitable liability insurance that cover damages (inanimate objects and other people). Some insurances offer combined liability and accident insurances (e.g. DAAD insurance).

Duration of traineeships

Voluntary traineeships can have a maximum duration of three months. Mandatory traineeships which are part of the study plan can be longer. Please fill in the confirmation of compulsory traineeship. The duration of six months cannot be exceeded.

Confirmation Compulsory Traineeship


  • Dormitories of Studierendenwerk: BA/MA students, minimum duration of a full semester (Oct - Mar, Apr - Sept), enrolling in Saarland University mandatory
  • Private Dormitories/pivate housing market: PhD students, duration of stay less than a full semester, stays between two semesters
  • Guest House of Saarland University: PhD students/guest researchers only (no MA/BA students), booking only by the hosting department

Further information about accommodation is published by our Welcome Center.