Accommodation in Saarbrücken

Please note that prices for housing and utilities are currently rising in Germany. It is therefore important that you plan your budget for rental costs and utilities accordingly.
The rents that you will see in offers often do not include electricity costs (or heating costs), so check the offers carefully. You should expect prices in the range of at least:

  • Rooms in shared flats: 300€ - 450€
  • Single flats: 400€ - 600€ or more

Information for landlords

You would like to send us a housing offer? That is great news! The high numbers of international students, employees and guests coming to Saarbrücken each year, particularly in September/October before the start of the winter semester, means that there is a high demand for accommodation.  If you have a room or a flat that you are thinking of renting to international students and guests, please call us or send us the details by e-mail: