Bringing your children with you


School education is compulsory in Saarland, which means that all children must complete at least nine years at school. School attendance is compulsory for all children who are at least six years old on or before 30 June, with enrolment taking place at the start of the next school year. A comprehensive list of schools in Saarbrücken is available on the official City of Saarbrücken website.

Child day-care and nursery facilities

Younger children can be cared for in a crèche (age group: 0-3 years) or a nursery (age group: 3-6 years). A child day-care centre (Kita) will typically have both crèche and nursery groups. Child minders generally only care for children up to three years old. Please also note that the hours in which child care can be provided will vary between day-care facilities. The cost of child care partly depends on the parents' income.

Child benefit payments (Kindergeld)

Under certain circumstances, foreign parents may apply for child benefit payments for children up to at least eighteen years of age. Applications for child benefit must be submitted to the local Family Benefits Office (Familienkasse), which is operated by the Federal Employment Agency.

audit familiengerechte hochschule

After you and your family have arrived in Saarbrücken, we recommend that you get in touch with the Family Resource and Support Office (audit familiengerechte hochschule). The staff there will be able to give you information and support regarding such issues as part-time study, child care and balancing academic and work obligations with family responsibilities.



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