Bank account

Unfortunately, we have recently been receiving information that students cannot open an account as long as they do not have a residence permit. This is not supposed to be the case, but it seems to be a frequent problem. If you experience this problem and cannot find a solution, we would ask you to contact another bank.

You will need a bank account with a German bank in order to pay your bills or to be able to rent a room in a student dormitory. We advise opening a 'Girokonto', which is equivalent to a British current account or an American checking account. Most banks in Saarbrücken offer current accounts, though conditions and prices may vary. For students a current account is usually free of charge.

Documents you'll need to open a bank account

  • a valid passport or personal ID document
  • a residence certificate (Anmeldebescheinigung) from the Residents' Registration Office (Bürgeramt) in Saarbrücken
  • tax identification number
  • Students will need to present their certificate of enrolment at Saarland University (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)