Intercultural student life - ZiS

Centre for International Students (ZiS)

The Centre for International Students (ZiS) helps incoming international students to become acquainted with university and university life by offering a selection of leisure and recreational activities, student mentors and a broad range of information material.

The ZiS calendar of events

Excursions and guided tours, national cultural evenings and culinary focus days, informal get-togethers and an international Stammtisch – all organized by ZiS and by international students.

Buddy programme *you & me*

The ZiS buddy programme *you & me* is a peer mentoring programme in which student volunteers assist incoming international students with important formalities and administrative procedures as well as helping them to organize their studies and to take part in leisure activities.

Excursions and guided tours

You can join the ZiS on one of the regular excursions within the state of Saarland, or even Germany-wide. ZiS also offers guided tours.

Cultural and culinary focus days

A culinary day offers you to the possibility to present your country not only from a culinary aspect, but also in all its cultural variety.

National cultural evenings

Once per month you can join us to discover a country, with dance, music and lots of food.

Regular meet-ups, culture and sport

Regular meet-ups, cultural events, sport and much more...

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet is a leisure and recreational programme specially designed to help international doctoral students and post-docs get to know one another and to meet up and have fun together.

Dear international students,
Saarland University and the University of Applied Sciences are postponing the start of the lecture period by four weeks in the new summer semester. This measure is intended to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.
Therefore, all ZiS events will be suspended until further notice and will probably be offered again after the general start of lectures at our university.

Information about Corona Virus