Preparing your departure

Deregistering from the city hall

Before you leave Germany, you must deregister at the Bürgeramt. You can also do this yourself online. Please have your passport / residence permit ready. Usually no further documents are required. You can deregister up to seven days before and up to 14 days after your departure.
You can deregister online via this link:

Deregistration from the Bürgeramt

If you visit the website early in the morning (around 8am), you can usually get appointments right for the next day.

Unblocking your blocked account

If you are studying with a residence permit and you have a blocked account: check if the account will already be empty by the time that you are leaving. If not, you can let us know and we can ask the visa office for a permission to “unblock” the account. This can be done by an email to the foreigner's office and we can do this for you if you want. To do so, please send us a scan of your blocked account (document) and your travel tickets.
The foreigner's office wil then issue a so-called "Sperrfreigabe", i.e. a document with which you can close the blocked account. You then submit this document to the provider of the blocked account and receive your money back.


Deregistering from the Radio & TV service fee

If you have paid the radio tax during your stay, you can deregister for it. To deregister from the “Rundfunkbeitrag” please visit the following website:

Deregistration website of the Radio Tax Service

On the website you can select “ich dauerhaft ins Ausland ziehe”. Fill out the following forms and upload the “Abmeldung / Meldebescheinigung” you received after your deregistration from the city.

Deregistering from University

If you do not pay the registration fee for the next semester, you will automatically be deregistered as of March 31 for the winter semester or September 30 for the summer semester.
You can apply for exmatriculation in the SIM Student Portal. In doing so, you can exmatriculate to any date in the future, ideally on the day you actually leave Germany. After a short time, you can download the exmatriculation certificate from the SIM portal. If you have any questions about exmatriculation, please contact the Registrar's Office (

Website with information on deregistration

Student card

You can keep your student card, unless you apply for a refund (see below)
If there is still money on your card at the time of your departure, you can withdraw it at the cash desk of the Studierendenwerk. You will find the cash desk in D4 1, room 03 in the cellar.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 12:30


Partial refund of the semester ticket

If you leave at least two months before the semester ends, you can ask for a partial refund of the semester ticket (for example February & March or August & September). You need to do this with the “AStA” in Building A5 2

Website for the semester ticket refund

Please note that they can only refund to a European bank account.         
For the early exmatriculation, you will need to do your deregistration (“Exmatrikulation”) in the SIM-Portal and then hand in this confirmation with the AStA form and your student card at the AStA office. If you want to use your bus ticket until the last day, you can give the card to a friend, so they hand it in at the AStA.

Cancelling the health insurance

If you have German health insurance (AOK, IKK, TK, Barmer etc.), you have to contact your health insurance company and notify them of your departure, so they can close your account. You need the Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung to do this. But please know that you have to be a student to keep your insurance until the last day you leave Germany! So please make your Exmatrikulation for the dayof your actual departure. To cancel the insurance they may also ask for the de-registration of the city or the travel tickets.


Cancellation of contracts

Terminate all contracts in writing by letter (e.g. bank, mobile phone, gym) in good time before departure. In some cases, you will need to submit a copy of your city deregistration. If you would like assistance in formulating the termination letter, you are welcome to contact the ASTA:

To cancel your rental contract, please stick to the cancellation period given in your contract. In most cases there is a 3 months’ notice period that you have to adhere to. But of course, different rules may apply for your contract, so please look into your contract. Please note that rental contracts need to be cancelled in written (by post!) and you should always request a written confirmation of your cancellation. With your cancellation, you can already inform your landlord about the banking information, to which account you would like to receive your deposit back.

For exchange/freemover students: certificate of departure & transcript

If you are in Saarbrücken as an exchange/freemover student, you may need a signature on your departure form or you may need a departure form from Saarland University. You can get this signature from your coordinator (Erasmus+ or "Weltweit"). Please also contact your coordinator about the transcript of records.