Administration of the guest houses

Visiting professors, researchers and PhD students can ask to reserve a room in the university guest houses. Reservations should be done early in advance, as the rooms are in great demand.

International students can not rent a room in these houses. If you are an international student seeking accommodation, please continue reading here.

Our guesthouses

  • Kaiserslauterer Straße 83 in Saarbrücken with 21 units
  • Mozartstraße 3 in Saarbrücken with 13 units
  • Im Fuchstälchen, Geb. 29, in Saarbrücken with 9 units
  • Hasseler Weg 16 in Saarbrücken with 6 units
  • Ringstraße 97 in Homburg with 5 units
Gästehaus "Kaiserslauterer Straße"
Gästehaus "Im Fuchstälchen"


Guesthouse administration

Mrs. Susanne Schuh
T: +49 681 302-4464

Please note our limited opening hours:

Monday to Friday
7:30 Uhr to 11:30 hrs

Rental payments are to be made to the Bank 1 Saar

DE 94 5919 0000 0097 7180 08