University Guesthouses

Reservation process

Saarland University has 5 guest houses with a total of 51 apartments available for rent to visiting professors, guest scientists and guest doctoral students. Reservations should be made as early as possible, as the demand is very high. After reserving, the booking for the room has to be confirmed latest within 3 days, afterwards we cannot guarantee that we can uphold the reservation.
Students can not get a room here! If you are a student looking for a room, please continue reading here.

    How do I reserve an apartment for my guest?

    Please send your request for available apartments to: guesthouse(at)
    Once a free apartment has been confirmed, the binding reservation can only be made by means of a rental application form signed by the host faculty. This form will be sent to you by e-mail upon request.

    • Rental contracts can be concluded for up to 6 months; in exceptional cases, after consultation, up to one year. Beyond that no extension is possible.
    • The rental prices for the Meerwiesertalweg can be found in the price list for the guest apartments in the Meerwiesertalweg.
    • For all other houses (except Meerwiesertalweg): up to 9 days rental period the daily price applies, for 10 days or more the total monthly price applies. No deposit is due.
    • An early termination of the tenancy is possible; a notice period of 14 days applies.
    • A cancellation of the room can be done free of charge 14 days before the begin of the rental contract. For a later cancellation we require a payment of half a month`s rent to cover the costs for the vacancy.
    • Should your guest require a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung (confirmation of accommodation for the city hall), please let us know.
    • Moving into the guesthouses is possible from 2 pm on the day of the beginning of the rental period, moving out must be done by 10 am on the last day of the rental period.

    How can guests get the key to the guest house?

    • Guest house Homburg and guest house Fuchstälchen and Meerwiesertalweg (Florastraße) inSaarbrücken: the keys for these houses are handed over via a key safe, which is availabel right at the guest house. The code for the safe will be sent to the host faculty by post approx. 14 days before the move in date, along with the rental contract.
    • Guest house Kaiserslauterer Straße and Hasseler Weg: the keys can be handed over via the key safe at the guest house or alternatively the keys can be collected from the Welcome Center. Please choose your preference reservation form.

    Rental prices in the guesthouses

    Kategorie AShared kitchen     10 - 15 qm     for 1 person     410 €
    Kategorie BShared kitchen     16 - 24 qm     for 1 person     535 €
    Kategorie CPrivate kitchen     13 - 15 qm     for 1 person     410 €
    Kategorie DPrivate kitchen     16 - 28 qm     for 1 person     570 €
    Kategorie EShared kitchen     26 - 40 qm     for 2 persons     950 €
    Kategorie F2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom     67 - 85 qm     for 2 persons    1200 €
    Kategorie G3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom          120 qm     Family apartment    1600 €
    Kategorie MWT2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom     45 - 53 qm     for 2 persons    1040 €

    Overview of our guest houses

    Please click on the names of the individual guest houses below for a detailed description.

    • All apartments are fully furnished and equipped. The rental prices include all additional costs (electricity, heating etc.) as well as towels and bed linen.
    • The rooms in all houses (except Meerwiesertalweg) are cleaned regularly, including a change of towels. A change of bed linen is done every 14 days.
    • The apartments in Meerwiesertalweg are fully equipped but the guests are responsible for the regular cleaning of the apartment. A professional final cleaning is mandatory part of the rental agreement, for which 50€ are being charged.
    • In every house there are washing machines and dryers available. In Meerwiesertalweg there is a small fee to use the machines, in all other houses this is free of charge. Washing powder is not provided but has to be bought by yourself.

    Guest house Fuchstälchen

    Guest house Hasseler Weg

    Guest house Kaiserslauterer Straße

    Guest apartments Meerwiesertalweg

    Guest house Ringstraße in Homburg

    Contact the guesthouse administration

    Mrs. Susanne Schuh
    T: +49 681 302-4464