Guest house Kaiserslauterer Straße

Location: The guesthouse is located between the city center and the campus, at Kaiserslauterer Straße 83, 66123 Saarbrücken

Apartment units:

8x 1-room apartments of Category B
4x 1-room apartments of Category C
4x 1-room apartments of Category D
2x 1-room apartments with double bed of Category E
2x 2-room apartments of Category F


  • All rooms are furnished and fully equipped.
  • All rooms have their own bathroom and toilet.
  • The apartments have either their own kitchen or access to a shared kitchen.
  • Internet connection is available.

Cleaning service: There is cleaning staff on site Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.

Parking: Free parking is available in front of the building, subject to availability. There is a bicycle storage room in the basement of the building.

Bus connection: The bus stop "Stadion Kieselhumes" is located directly in front of the building. There is a direct connection to the university and the city center.

Below you will find exemplary pictures of the respective categories in this house.

Contact the guesthouse administration

Mrs. Susanne Schuh
T: +49 681 302-4464