Health insurance (without an employment contract)

You will need health insurance when living in Germany. If you have a contract of employment at Saarland University, health insurance cover will be provided automatically [click here to learn more]. If you do not have an employment contract, you will need to arrange your own health insurance cover. Students must submit proof that they have adequate health insurance cover when enrolling at the university.

EU nationals

If you are a national of an EU member state and are already in possession of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you will not need to take out additional German health insurance. The EHIC applies to medical and health services within the entire EU region.

Students from outside the EU

Students from countries outside the EU will need to purchase student health insurance cover from a health insurance provider in Germany.

You can find this type of insurance, amongst other places, with the three providers of statutory health insurance on campus.

Students taking a German language course or in VSi MINT program

If you are taking a German language course or preparatory courses at the Studienkolleg, you will not be able to apply for student health insurance cover from a statutory health insurance fund. You will need to take out private health insurance or apply to pay voluntary contributions to a statutory health insurance fund. If you need help finding a health insurance provider, please contact the staff at the Welcome Center for assistance.

Visiting scientists and guests

Guest researchers without employment contract, who finance themselves privately or via a scholarship, are exempt from the mandatory contribution to the social insurance, but still need to have a health insurance. They need to get private insurance.

If you already have valid health insurance in your home country, please check if this insurance covers visits to the doctor's office and hospitals during your stay in Germany. Please take a written confirmation of your insurance provider with you (at least in English).

If you insurance coverage is not sufficient, you need to buy an additional private insurance. While you can do this with an insurance abroad, we recommend to buy this insurance with a German provider, to ensure the coverage for your stay. You can also check with your scholarship provider, whether they offer any healt insurance package.

Private health insurance providers calculate their fees on the basis of several factors: age, length of stay, gender etc. Often different rates are offered (basic or premium), in which case the cheaper rates exclude many services. Please make sure to compare these offers in depth and when in doubt, choose the higher rate that covers more services.

If you are interested in taking out private insurance, you may also read the information given on this website: the German insurance system

Please note that you often require a German bank account to sign up for these insurances.

We provide you now with a list of private insurance companies, of which we are currently aware: Information on private health insurance for guest researchers


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