The typical workflow for a translation project is shown below:

  1. Your translation job is accepted by us and entered into the work schedule.
  2. We then analyse your translation job and prepare the documents for the translation process.
  3. Your documents will be translated by one of our external translators. As we are in close contact with our team of translators, any questions that arise during the translation process will be communicated to us and clarified with you.
  4. The resulting translation is then reviewed by a second external translator in order to check the consistency of the translation in terms of language, terminology and content.
  5. The reviewed translation is then subjected to a final check before being signed off (triple-check principle).
  6. The translated documents will then be sent to you.
  7. Once the translation has been completed, the translation and relevant terminology will be entered into our translation software, provided that the translation does not contain any sensitive data. This ensures that previous translations are available should similar texts need to be translated at some future date.

Please note:

Please make sure that the documents to be translated are in a format that can be edited with typical office software (e.g. Word documents, Excel files, etc.). If possible, we would prefer not to receive PDF documents.

You will also need to provide us with the following information:

  • Which languages is your document to be translated into (English and/or French)?
  • What is the final date that you need to receive the translation by?