Preparatory courses for international students

If the assessment of your school-leaving certificate by uni-assist (preliminary review documentation) shows that you do not meet the requirements for direct access to university study in Germany, you will need to first complete a higher education access course.

Higher education access courses are typically offered at a higher education preparatory institute (Studienkolleg) and conclude with the academic assessment test for entrance to higher education (Feststellungsprüfung). Which Studienkolleg you need to attend will depend on what you want to study. For example, if you want to study a technical subject, you will need to attend a Studienkolleg that offers the preparatory 'T' course (T-Kurs); if you plan to study medicine, you will need to join a Studienkolleg offering the 'M' course (M-Kurs).

Please note that Saarland University does not have a Studienkolleg. If you do not qualify for direct access to university, but you do meet the requirements for indirect access via a Studienkolleg, then there is another route to studying with us at Saarland University. Instead of attending a Studienkolleg, prospective international students have the opportunity to join one of our three international foundation programmes in the fields Humanities, Business Science and Economics and the STEM (German: MINT) subjects.