Sprachpraxis: Events, workshops, shindigs . . .

What have the folks in Sprachpraxis been up to? What's new? What's on the horizon?


Sprachpraxis Summer Party, 2022

The second annual shindig out on the AC Wiese

Students and staff enjoyed the evening over chips & salsa, cake, beer, and maybe vodka (nobody is really sure anymore). We tossed the Frisbee and talked shop until after the sun had set. Head over to the Flickr event album to see or to remind yourself how nice (of) an evening it was. ;-)


Teachers' Day 2022

World Englishes and Anglophone Cultures

The 2022 Teaachers' Day event is right around the corner. Visit the event website for more information. We will add a link to photos of the event here in the near future.

German Association of Sprachpraxis Professionals Conference

Düsseldorf, October, 2019

Dan Honert and Hank Rademacher attended this mind-blowing short conference and brought back lots of grand ideas and plans.