Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer

What happens when you Skype?

I research how language changes in a multimodal computer-mediated discourse (CMD) environment and how it adapts to its specific circumstances. My interests in this area include vocabulary and lexical innovation and  the use of English as a Lingua Franca, particularly in blogs and via Skype. Together with Marie-Louise Brunner, I also investigate and teach the use of online media and corpora in the EFL classroom, integrating intercomprehension and intercultural approaches. After several earlier studies on historical linguistics, particularly the development of multi-word verbs, I have published various articles on food discourse, both in a historical and in an online discourse. Recently my research has focused on the relationship between language and identity. I am an associate professor of English linguistics and corpus linguistics at P faculty, Saarland University, and professor of International Business Communication and Digital Business at Trier University of Applied Sciences, as well as head of the research team compiling CASE, the Corpus of Academic Spoken English, consisting of informal Skype conversations between international students using English as a Lingua Franca (with Marie-Louise Brunner).


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 Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer

Associate Professor, English Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics, Saarland University

Chair, International Business Communication and Digital Business, Trier University of Applied Sciences


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