Dr. Cornelia Gerhardt

Senior Lecturer ("Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben")

Tel.: 0681 / 302 2260

E-Mail: c.gerhardt(at)mx.uni-saarland.de

Office: Geb. A5.3 Raum 1.05

Student info

Current Activities:

  • Keynote Speaker Culinary Linguistics, The International Linguistic Association 61st Annual Conference (former Linguistic Circle of New York), 11. – 13. März 2016, Hofstra University, N.Y.
  • MEmI. The research network is concerned with communicative practices in face-to-face encounters from a multimodal perspective: Analytic interests include the embodiment (i.e. gaze, facial expression, gesture, bodily posture and proxemics) and vocal contextualisation of linguistic structures in different linguistic and cultural communities (including German, English, French, Italian, and Mandarin Chinese. Settings under study range from informal contexts to institutional interaction. Aiming at developing the methodology of multimodal analysis, the network combines interdisciplinary, cross-linguistic and -cultural, and interactional aspects in its research.


Selected Publications:

2014(together with Volker Eisenlauer, Universität Salzburg and Maximiliane Frobenius, Stiftung Universität Hildesheim) Editorial: Participation framework revisited: (New) media and their audiences/users. Journal of Pragmatics 72: 1-4.
2013Language and Food - Food and Language. In: Culinary linguistics: The Chef’s Special (Culture and Language Use: Studies in Anthropological Linguistics 10), 3-50, 319-344. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
2012(together with Sybille Neumann, HTW Saarland) Content and language integrated learning – The case of a French lecture on International Contract Law at a German university of applied sciences. Journal of linguistics and language teaching 3 (1): 159-183.
2009“You could leave the bacon and eggs for just a couple of hours:” References to food in British football commentary. In: Eva Lavric & Carmen Konzett. Food and language - Sprache und Essen. Frankfurt: Lang, 315-26.
Intertextual and multimodal humour in the media reception situation: The case of watching football on TV. In: Neal R Norrick & Delia Chiaro. Humor in interaction (Pragmatics and beyond New Series). Amsterdam: Benjamins, 79-98.
2008Turn-by-turn and move-by-move: a multimodal analysis of English live television football commentary. In: Eva Lavric, Gerhard Pisek, Andrew Skinner & Wolfgang Stadler.The linguistics of football (Language in Performance 38). Tübingen: Narr, 288-99.
2007Editorial. Saarland Working Papers in Linguistics 1. 1-4.



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