Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer - Speaker bio, 2020

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer, Speaker Information, Teachers' Day 2020

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer (Workshop)


Stefan Diemer is professor of international communication and digital business at Trier University of Applied Sciences and associate professor of English linguistics at Saarland University, Germany. As director of the Institute for International and Digital Communication (InDi), he works with international partners on applied linguistic topics such as social media communication and English as a lingua franca. He has been training English teacher candidates for more than 20 years, with a focus on linguistics in the classroom, for example through the use of corpora or social media. His research interests also include corpus linguistics, the history of English, language and identity, and food discourse. He also works as a consultant on intercultural and educational issues at Teaching Solutions Corp. He currently also holds the office of Vice President for Research at Trier UAS.