Dr Alex Baratta

Alex Baratta

Alex Baratta is a Senior Lecturer within the Manchester Institute of Education at the University of Manchester. He is a sociolinguist, whose research is focused on language and identity; linguistic prejudice; and linguistic rights. These topics are discussed in terms of accent preference in British teacher training (Accent and teacher identity in Britain: Linguistic favouritism and imposed identities, 2018, Bloomsbury); the use of all varieties of English as a pedagogic tool in EFL teaching (World Englishes in English language teaching, 2019, Palgrave Macmillan); and the ways in which we need to reconsider and reconceptualise linguistic codification (The societal codification of Korean English, 2021, Bloomsbury). His work has been published in journals such as World Englishes;Journal ofLanguage, Identity and Education; and Linguistics and Education, and he has presented his research at international conferences in locations such as Australia, South Africa and Singapore. He has also published on academic writing and study skills, such as How to read and write critically, 2021, SAGE. (alex.baratta(at)manchester.ac.uk)