Dr. Roger Charlton


This will be the first Teachers' Day without Dr. Roger Charlton. He was a tireless supporter of the event and was indeed there from the very beginning in the early two thousand noughts. Even in retirement, Roger could be seen at every TD, conversing and discussing with presenters and saying hello to current and former students.

In order to give Roger a proper Teachers' Day send-off, we are soliciting memories or short goodbyes from anyone and everyone who would like to contribute a short message here. It could be a short anecdote or a sentence on how you'll remember him as an instructor—it is totally up to you. You can include your name or remain anonymous. The Teachers' Day Team will collect these memories and messages (deadline for submission: 27 Sept.) and produce a short video to be shown before the keynote presentation (we reserve the right to edit these entries for brevity and clarity). Thank you in advance for your participation.