Daniel Oster

I am a PhD student at the institute of Philosophy at the Universität des Saarlandes. In my PhD project I investigate which insights of scientific theory, philosophy of science and philosophy of language have the potential to support the field of machine explainability, a young research area that is concerned with generating and delivering adequate explanations of artificial systems and their decisions for stakeholders. In 2019, I completed my M.A. at the Universität des Saarlandes with a master thesis entitled “Explanation requirements concerning artificial systems – How to transmit transparency from designer side to non-designer side” that was also settled in the intersection of philosophy and machine explainability.

Besides machine explainability, my main research interests lie in philosophy of science, philosophy of language and logic, as well as epistemology. Regarding practical philosophy, I am mainly interested in the ethical implications of the use of artificial systems – computer and machine ethics. Further exciting topics for me are: argumentation theory, game theory, normative theories and metaethics.

Der Header ist ein Ausschnitt von Hermann Waibels Bild "Lichtfarbe" von 1987. Wir danken Herrn Waibel für die freundliche Erlaubnis, sein Bild zu nutzen.