Mario Laarmann, M.Ed.

Mario Laarmann, associated Doctoral Researcher of the "Minor Universality" project, is a cultural and literary scientist and a PhD candidate employed at the French Department of Saarland University, Germany. His doctoral research focusses on anglophone and francophone Caribbean literature in the light of the postcolonial present (David Scott) and is supervised by Markus Messling (Saarland University) and Nadia Ellis (UC Berkeley). Research interests include cultural studies and comparative literature, anti-colonial theory, museums and collections, postmodernism and poststructuralism, black internationalism, and intersectional feminism in a comparative perspective (French, English, German, Spanish). Mario Laarmann is an advisory board member of SoCaRe (Society for Caribbean Research), member of the AG Antirassismus at Saarland University, and an activist with Berlin Postkolonial and
Selected publications: Reparation, Restitution, and the Politics of Memory – Towards a New Global Society? Ed. Mario Laarmann, Clément Ndé Fongang, Carla Seemann, Laura Vordermayer. Berlin & Boston: DeGruyter; “Hybrid Aesthetics and Social Reality. Reading Caribbean Literature in the Postcolonial Present”, in Minor Universality, Ed. Markus Messling & Jonas Tinius. Berlin & Boston: DeGruyter (forthcoming).