Professor Markus Messling

Markus Messling, Principal Investigator of the “Minor Universality” project, is Full Professor of Romance Literature and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies at Saarland University. His main fields of study are French and Francophone studies and comparative literature; philosophy of culture; epistemology and historical anthropology; aesthetics, and the politics of literature.
Selected publications: (ed. with F. Hofmann) The Epoch of Universalism / L’Époque de l’universalisme (1769-1989). Berlin, Boston 2021: de Gruyter; Philology and the Appropriation of the World: Champollion’s Hieroglyphs. Revised edition. Trans. Michael Thomas Taylor and Marko Pajević, with the coll. of Karina Berger. Cham 2023: Palgrave Macmillan (Springer Nature); (ed. with J. Tinius)Minor Universality: Rethinking Humanity After Western Universalism /  Universalité mineure. Penser l’humanité après l’universalisme occidental. Berlin, Boston 2023: de Gruyter; Universality After Universalism: On francophone Literatures of the Present. Translated from the German by Michael Thomas Taylor. With a preface by Souleymane Bachri Diagne. Berlin, Boston 2023: de Gruyter.