Laura Finn

I loved the time I spent in Saarland and often think back at how great the year was. I met so many amazing people who are still some of my best friends, and visited so many places that I hope to one day go again.

Christmas in Saarland was one of the best times of the year with all the Glühwein and snow ‒ it's not quite the same in Australia when it's the middle of summer.

The Mensa was a part of the uni which was often a highlight of the day, especially when there was quark for dessert. Continuing on the food theme, I'm excited for the day I can have another Currywurst from Kalinski followed by a delicious crêpe!

  • Studiengang: Bachelor of Business und Bachelor of Arts in International Studies an der University of Technology Sydney in Sydney, Australien
  • Aufenthalt an der Universität des Saarlandes: Austauschstudium über das Weltweit-Programm von März 2018 bis Februar 2019
  • Anschließende Tätigkeit: Graduate Management Trainee bei Hanson (Teil der Heidelberg Cement Group) in Melbourne, Australien