Prof. Dr. David Scheschkewitz

David Scheschkewitz holds the Chair in General and Inorganic Chemistry of Saarland-University at Saarbrücken (Germany) since 2011. He obtained his PhD in chemistry from the Philipps-University of Marburg (Germany) in 1999 for research on aromatic boron heterocycles. After postdoctoral stints in Toulouse (France), Riverside (California) and Zürich (Switzerland) he carried out his habilitation at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg (Germany) with investigations on anionic silicon-silicon double bond systems. He was appointed as Senior Lecturer to Imperial College in May 2008 and moved to assume his current role as Chair of General and Inorganic Chemistry at Saarland University three years later. He received several prizes and awards, inter alia the Wöhler Young Investigator Award (2008), the Carl Duisberg-Memorial Award (2009) and the Lieseberg-Prize of the Heidelberg Chemical Society (2009).

His main scientific interests concern (1) the syntheses of heavy alkene homologues and the peripheral functionalization of heavier double bonds, (2) unsaturated yet stable small Group 14 clusters and their derivatization as well as (3) low-valent Group 14 ligands for transition metal complexes and their role in the activation of small molecules and catalysis.


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