New product Development

New product development is one of the key processes for enabling companies to compete in the market and startups to successfully establish themselves there.  The phenomenon is now further amplified by the digital transformation, which increases both complexity and potential through intensive data integration.

After attending the module "New product development" students will be able to use different tools and techniques to develop products. In particular, challenges and approaches are addressed which are gaining in importance due to the advancing digitalization. In the module "New product development", strategies and approaches from agile project management and design thinking are presented, which are then applied in concrete application projects by students. In the context of prototype development, students become familiar with the latest technologies from additive manufacturing (CAD software, 3D printing, etc.). The goal of the course is to provide students with competencies for the independent development of new products.

This course is intended for Master students.

Organizational details

Date: Summer semester 2024
Degree courses: Master level
Scope: 4 SWS/6 CPs
Exam: To successfully pass the course, students must complete a project in which they apply the new product development approaches of the course. The project result will be presented in a presentation and evaluated afterwards
Date: Block seminar 17.04.2024, 12:00-18:00; bi-weekly lecture Wednesday, 14:00-16:00
Language: English

Start: 17.04.2024
Location: Online sessions and New Product Development Lab (KWT building)
Number of participants: 12
Course application:
Please send a mail to benedikt.schnellbaecher(at) and daniel.silva(at) nicolas.kiefer(at) (Cc) (1) with "Application New Product Development" in the subject line as well as including (2) a brief letter of motivation (half DIN A4 page) (3) and your CV.
Registration open until: 10.04.2024


Learning objectives

The specific competencies that students are expected to acquire in the process include:

(1) The ability to consciously choose, evaluate, and apply different decision-making strategies in the development of new products,

(2) an understanding of the relevance, characteristics, as well as application context of new product development technologies (CAD software, 3D printing, etc.),

(3) the application of agile project management techniques to prototype development,

(4) the use of design thinking for product realization.