Electromagnetics IV (TET4)


The course TET4 will take place in SoSe 2022 as face-to-face sessions, supported by digital elements via Microsoft Office 365 / Teams. To take part in the course you have to join the "Electromagnetics IV" team using the team code a8dlmvk.

Instructions for using Microsoft Teams .

  • In MS Teams, click "Join a team or create a team".
  • Then enter the team code a8dlmvk under "Join a team with a code" and then click "Join team".


Dozent: Prof. Dr. Romanus Dyczij-Edlinger
Ort: Nach Vereinbarung.
Zeit: Nach Vereinbarung.
Bitte wenden Sie sich an Prof. Dr. Romanus Dyczij-Edlinger.
Umfang: 2 SW


The lecture includes topics from the areas:

  • Multipole expansion
  • Green's Functions of Electrodynamics
  • Scattering of electromagnetic waves
  • Stratton-Chu formula
  • Reciprocity (Tellegen's theorem)
  • Differential forms in electrodynamics
  • Energy principles (Hamilton formalism)
  • Electromagnetic field impulse (radiation pressure)
  • Special theory of relativity (covariant formulation, Lorentz transformation)
  • Forces in the electromagnetic field (Maxwell stress tensor, virtual displacement)
  • Electromagnetic resonators
  • Lienard-Wiechert potential
  • Radiation from moving charges

Further topics can be included on the suggestion of the students.


Every student gives a lecture. The team of the chair will present other topics. The topics and course dates are agreed in a preliminary meeting at the beginning of the semester. In order to enable participants to prepare adequately for each course, written documents will be handed out at least one week before the respective lecture date.

Effort approx. 90 hours

Global: Preparation approx. 24 h (8 x 3 h)
Presence approx. 16 h (8 x 2 h)
Own lecture: Preparation approx. 48 h
Postprocessing approx. 2 h

Examination modalities

  • Elaboration and lecture on an agreed topic
  • Survey accompanying the course on every topic
  • Here you will find the underlying grading scheme .

Previous knowledge

  • Electromagnetic Field Theory I
  • Electromagnetic Field Theory II (recommended but not required)
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