Practical Course in Computational Electromagnetics (P‑CEM)


The course P-CEM will take place in WiSe 2023/24 as face-to-face sessions, supported by digital elements via Microsoft Office 365 / Teams. To take part in the course you have to join the "Practical Course in Computational Electromagnetics" team using the team code 0ie3xfh.

Instructions for using Microsoft Teams.

  • In MS Teams, click "Join a team or create a team".
  • Then enter the team code 0ie3xfh under "Join a team with a code" and then click "Join team".


Instructor: By arrangement.
Location: By arrangement.
Time: By arrangement.
Please contact Prof. Dr. Romanus Dyczij-Edlinger.
Extent: 4 weekly hours / 6 ECTS points


The documents are distributes at the beginning of the practical course.

Correlation to curriculum:

Master COMET: Practical course
Master Mechatronik: Practical course
Master Systems Engineering, Project-Seminars and seminars

Admission requirements:

Recomended: Computational Electromagnetics I or II,
Methods of Model Order Reduction,
good knowledge in Matlab is desireable.

Evaluation / Examination:

Written elaborating
Programming projects during the semester and oral presentation.
Here you will find the underlying grading scheme .


By arrangement30 h per CP

Module grade:

Not graded. 

Educational objective

  • Students are able to acquire theoretical concepts of electromagnetic fields-simulation, to convert them into functional computer programs, and to provide meaningful test problems.


  • By arrangement.
  • The objectives are: Development of solution strategies for field-theoretical problems. Computer implementation by means of numerical methods.Testing strategies.

Further information

  • Language of instruction: Students may choose between German or English.
  • Bibliography: Topic-oriented.
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