Our Publications

Here we present the publications of the group at the UdS (and partially before). For earlier publications by J. Eschner and his group follow these links:

Journal Papers

  • Demonstration of quantum network protocols over a 14-km urban fiber link
    S. Kucera, C. Haen, E. Arenskötter, T. Bauer, J. Meiers, M. Schäfer, R. Boland, M. Yahyapour, M. Lessing, R. Holzwarth, C. Becher, J. Eschner
  • Quantum repeater node with free-space coupled trapped ions
    M. Bergerhoff, O. Elshehy, S. Kucera, M. Kreis, J. Eschner
  • Calibration-Independent Certification of a Quantum Frequency Converter
    M. Bock, P. Sekatski, J.-D. Bancal, S. Kucera, T. Bauer, N. Sangouard, C. Becher, J. Eschner
  • Extending Quantum Links: Modules for Fiber- and Memory-Based Quantum Repeaters
    P. van Loock, W. Alt, C. Becher, O. Benson, H. Boche, C. Deppe, J. Eschner, S. Höfling, D. Meschede, P. Michler, F. Schmidt, and H. Weinfurter
    Adv. Quantum Technol. 3, 1900141 (2020)
  • Resonant interaction of a single atom with single photons from a down-conversion source
    C. Schuck, F. Rohde, N. Piro, M. Almendros, J. Huwer, M. W. Mitchell, M. Hennrich, A. Haase, F. Dubin, J. Eschner
    Phys. Rev. A 81, 011802(R) (2010).



Reviews & Book Chapters

  • Quantum networking with single ions
    J. Eschner
    "Ion Traps for Tomorrow's Applications", Proceedings of the International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" 189, IOS Press, 2015
    preprint version

  • Quantum computation with trapped ions
    J. Eschner
    in "Quantum Computers, Algorithms and Chaos", eds. G. Casati et al., Proceedings of the International School of Physics Enrico Fermi, Course CLXII, IOS Press, 2006.

  • Laser Cooling of trapped ions
    F. Schmidt-Kaler, J. Eschner, R. Blatt, D. Leibfried, C. Roos, G. Morigi
    in "Laser Physics at the limit", eds. H. Figger, D. Meschede, C. Zimmermann, Springer, Berlin, 2002.

  • "Linear Ion Traps for Quantum Computation"
    H. C. Nägerl, F. Schmidt-Kaler, J. Eschner, R. Blatt, W. Lange, H. Baldauf, H. Walther
    in "The Physics of Quantum Information", eds. D. Bouwmeester, A. Ekert, A. Zeilinger, Springer, Berlin, 2000.



Theses (selected)

  • Single- and Multi-Memory Quantum Key Distribution Protocols - Simulation and Implementation
    Martin Steinel, MSc thesis, UdS, 2020. (Copy on request)
  • Single-ion based quantum interfaces for quantum-network applications
    Pascal Eich, PhD thesis, UdS, 2019. (Copy on request)
  • Experimental distribution of entanglement in ion-photon quantum networks: photon pairs as a resource
    Stephan Kucera, PhD thesis, UdS, 2019. (Copy on request)
  • Gleichgewichts- und Transienteneigenschaften eines Lasers mit kalten Yb-Atomen
    Anna Breunig, MSc thesis, UdS, 2019. (Copy on request)
  • Permanent-magnet-based Zeeman field generation in an ion trap
    Omar Elshehy, MSc thesis, UdS, 2018. (Copy on request)
  • Interfacing a single trapped 40Ca+ ion in double passage configuration
    Floriane Brunel, MSc thesis, Sorbonne University & UdS, 2018.
  • Quantum interfaces based on single photons from parametric down-conversion
    José M. Brito Rozas, PhD Thesis, UdS, 2016. (Copy on request)
  • Photonenpaarquelle für Einzelatom-Einzelphoton-Wechselwirkung
    Jan Arenskötter, MSc thesis, UdS, 2016. (Copy on request)
  • Quantum networking with single ions and single photons interfaced in free space
    Christoph Kurz, PhD Thesis, UdS, 2015. (Copy on request)
  • Single photons from single ions: quantum interference and distant ion interaction
    Michael Schug, PhD Thesis, UdS, 2015. (Copy on request)
  • Experimental tools for quantum networking operations with single photons and single ions
    Jan Huwer, PhD thesis, UdS, 2014. (Copy on request)
  • Frequency and Phase Stabilization of Diode Lasers using a Femtosecond Frequency Comb
    Pascal Eich, Diploma thesis, UdS, 2012.