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Experimentalphysik - Quantum Photonics
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  • 18. Jan. 2024 - Our article "Full Bell-basis measurement of an atom-photon 2-qubit state and its application for quantum networks" is accepted for publication in Physical Review Research.
  • 31. Dec. 2023 - Dr. Stephan Kucera leaves the group after many years of successful work. We wish you all the best for the future!
  • Fall 2023 - Maja Wohlfarth and Hassan Ahmed finish their lab projects and graduate to BSc. All the best for the future!
  • 13. May 2023 - We participate in the Tag der offenen Tür showing demonstration experiments for quantum science and technology.
  • 28. Apr. 2023 - Elena Arenskötter defends her dissertation and is promoted to Dr. rer. nat. Congratulations, and all the best for the future!
  • 10. Apr. 2023 - Our article "Telecom quantum photonic interface for a 40Ca+ single-ion quantum memory" is published in npj Quantum Information. Link
  • 01. Apr. 2023 - Maja Wohlfarth, Hasan Ahmed and Gabriel Dick join our team for their BSc / MSc projects. Welcome!
  • 6.-10. March 2023 - We present our research results at the DPG Spring Meeting in Hannover.
  • 13.-14. Feb. 2023 - The consortium of the BMBF-funded project "QuantenFabLab" meets at the UdS for scientific exchange.
  • Aug.-Oct. 2022 - Sina Thier, Gabriel Dick, Franz Krieger, and Niklas Günther finish their BSc projects. Good luck for the future!
  • 19. Aug 2021 - Matthias Kreis defends his dissertation and receives his promotion to Dr. rer. nat. Congratulations!
  • March 2022 - The Eschner Group and the Becher Group are funded by the BMBF as members of the QR.X consortium for their quantum repeater research. Press release of the UdS.
  • March 2022 - Simon Zimmer finishes his BSc project. Good luck for the future!
  • Nov. 2021 - Jonas Meiers finishes his BSc degree. Congratulations!
  • 08. Oct 2021 - Philipp Müller defends his dissertation and receives his promotion to Dr. rer. nat. Congratulations!
  • Sept. 2021 - Julian Groß-Funk finishes his BSc degree. Congratulations!
  • Aug. 2021 - Jelena Ritter finishes her BSc degree. Congratulations!
  • July 2021 - Pascal Baumgart finishes his BSc degree. Congratulations!
  • 25. Juni 2021 - Omar Elshehy and Tobias Bauer present our results at the EQEC. Omar's paper.
  • April 2021 - Michelle Schwarz finishes her master project. Congratulations!
  • 01. Feb. 2021 - Saran Shaju from Cochin University, Kerala, India, joins us for a PhD project in the Yb lab. Welcome Saran!
  • 09. March 2021 - J. Eschner presents our results at the EACN.
  • 26. Nov. 2020 - The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) approves funding of our CRC "CoQuLiMa - Quantum Cooperativity of Light and Matter"! Press release
  • 04. Nov. 2020 - Stephan Kucera and J. Eschner present our results at the QTECH conference.
  • 30. Okt. 2020 - Pressemeldung: Projekt „Quanten im Alltag“ der Saar-Uni macht Quantentechnologie verständlich.
  • 28. Sept. 2020 - Bei einem Besuch der Firma Huawei am DFKI stellt J. Eschner die Forschung an der UdS im Gebiet der Quantentechnologie vor.
  • 27. Juni 2020 - Der Tag der offenen Tür findet dieses Jahr virtuell statt. Hier gibt es Informationen zum Studium "Quantum Engineering" Powerpoint-Vorstellung (pdf, ca. 6.4MB); Flyer (pdf, ca. 1.5MB).
  • 19. Feb. 2020 - Der letzte Vortrag beschließt die Reihe "Echt jetzt?" zum Thema Realität.
    Vielen Dank an Sprecher, Publikum und Helfer!
    Der Vortrag von Holger Sturm erhält eine Pressemeldung  der UdS.
  • 19. Feb. 2020 - The public lecture series "Echt jetzt?" ("Really?") closes with its last talk. Many thanks to speakers, audience, and collaborators.
  • 01. Oct. 2019 - Wolf Weber joins us for his Bachelor project. Welcome!

  • 28. Aug. 2019 - German-French "Quantum Future Academy" in Saarbrücken.

  • 01. Aug. 2019 - Pascal Eich defends his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Eich!

  • 18. Juli 2019 - Stephan Kucera defends his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Kucera!

  • 08. July 2019 - Universität des Saarlandes cooperates with IBM on Quantum Technologies.

  • 05. Juni 2019 - J. Eschner presents our research on tools for quantum networks at the CEWQO in Paderborn.

  • 01. Mai 2019 - Martin Steinel joins our group for his Master project, and Max Bergerhoff joins us for his Bachelor project. Welcome!

  • 11.-15. March 2019 - Matthias Kreis, Jan Arenskötter, and Anna Breunig present our research at the DPG Spring Meeting in Rostock. 

  • 27. Feb. 2019 - The public lecture series "Laaangweilig!" ("Boooring!") about the notion of time finished with a lecture on time travel. Like all evenings, the lecture hall at the Filmhaus was fully booked!

  • 16. Jan. 2019 - The public lecture series "Laaangweilig!" ("Boooring!") about the notion of time started successfully.

  • 19. Dec. 2018 - Farewell to our former secretary Frau Michel. Thank you for your truly exceptional services, and enjoy your retirement!

  • 03. Dez. 2018 - We welcome Frau Susanna Trampert, our future secretary! 

  • 01. Nov. 2018 - We participate in the BMBF-funded quantum technology project "CaLas".

  • 01. Aug. 2018 - The BMBF-funded coordinated project "Q.Link.X" (Quantum Link Extension) begins. Its goal is the development of quantum repeater technology. Project partners at the UdS are C. Becher and J. Eschner.

  • 31. July 2018 - Farewell to Floriane Brunel and Hridya M.S. who finish their internships. Thank you and all the best for the future!

  • 21. May 2018 - Nature Communications publishes our paper "High-fidelity entanglement between a trapped ion and a telecom photon via quantum frequency conversion", a collaboration with Christoph Becher's group.

  • 11. May 2018 - Hridya M.S., internship student from India, joins us for the next three months. Welcome!

  • 23. Apr. 2018 - Lukas Hartung from A. Kubanek's group, Uni Ulm, visits us and reports on "Setting up a cryogenic, confocal microscope with single-atom resolution".

  • 01. Apr. 2018 - Pascal Eich starts a position in industry. Good Luck!

  • 01. Apr. 2018 - Floriane Brunel from UPMC, Paris, joins us for a 4-month internship. Welcome!

  • 04.-09. Mar. 2018 - Dmitij, Jan, Pascal, and Matthias Bock present our results on the DPG Spring Meeting in Erlangen. 

  • 05.-07. Feb. 2018 - J. Eschner presents our work on the Heraeus-Seminar "Quantum Networks – From Building Blocks to Applications". Link

  • 21. Dec. 2017 - Christian Haen submits his Bachelor thesis.

  • 01. Oct. 2017 - Anna Breunig and Omar Elshehy join us for their Master projects, and Christian Haen for his Bachelor project. Welcome!

  • 08. Sept. 2017 - It is Younis' last day with us. Farewell Younis!

  • 12. July 2017 - Younis Al Riyami, engineering student from Oman, visits us for two months as an IAESTE/DAAD internship student. Welcome Younis!

  • 03.-07. Juli 2017 - Hannes Gothe presents our cavity QED results at the ICOLS in Arcachon, France.

  • 25.-29. June 2017 - EQEC in München: Matthias Kreis and Jan Arenskötter present our results.

  • 24. June 2017 - "Tag der offenen Tür" at the UdS. We show demonstration experiments about quantum information with atoms and photons.

  • 14.-19. May 2017 - At the CLEO in San Jose, CA, USA, Stephan Kucera und Christoph Becher present our results.

  • 26. Jan. 2017 - Our public lecture series "Nichts" has finished. It was a huge success!

  • 02. Jan. 2017 - Dmitriy Sholokhov joins us as PhD student in the ytterbium project. Welcome, Dima!

  • 08. Dez. 2016 - J. Eschner presents "Einzelne Atome im Licht der Physik und der Philosophie" to the general university audience as part of the 24-hour lecture. 24-h-VO beim AStA

  • 01. Dec. 2016 - Lea Balzert and Hubert Lam will join us as Bachelor students. Welcome!

  • 03. Nov. 2016 - The first public lecture of our series on "Nichts" (Nothing) was followed by about 140 enthusiastic visitors!

  • 01. July 2016 - Our paper "Programmable atom-photon quantum interface" has been published in Physical Review A! Link

  • 04. Apr. 2016 - José Brito defends his doctoral thesis and will receive his PhD degree. Congratulations!

  • 01. Apr. 2016 - Martin Steinel joins the group as Bachelor student.

  • 03. Mar. 2016 - DPG Spring Meeting in Hannover. Stephan Kucera and Pascal Eich report on our results.

  • 25. Feb. 2016 - J. Eschner presents a public lecture "Von der Quantenphysik mit einzelnen Atomen zur Informationstechnologie der Zukunft" at the Max-von-Laue-Gymnasium and for the vhs in Koblenz.

  • 01. Feb. 2016 - Anna Breunig joins the group as Bachelor student.

  • 14. Jan. 2016 - Dr. Michael Schug's last day in the group, he moves into industry. Good Luck, Michael! Farewell snapshot

  • 01. Oct. 2015 - Jan Arenskötter joins the group as Master Student.

  • 24. Sept. 2015 - On the "Info-Tag" at Uni Trier, J. Eschner presents the physics studies and research at the UdS.

  • 21. Sept. 2015 - Jean-Michel Raimond from College de France, Paris, presents a colloquium "Exploring the Quantum". It is the first lecture of a series "Licht-Reflektionen", celebrating the International Year of Light.

  • 16. Sept. 2015 - Christoph Kurz defends his thesis and receives the doctoral degree. Congratulations!

  • 11. Sept. 2015 - Michael Schug defends his thesis and receives the doctoral degree. Congratulations!

  • 01. Aug. 2015 - Konstantin Klein joins the group as Master Student.

  • 15. July 2015 - Diksha Jain returns to India. Farewell Diksha!

  • 21.-25. June 2015 - CLEO-Europe/EQEC 2015 is held in München; J. Eschner is one of the General Chairs of the conference. P. Eich, S. Kucera, and M. Bock (AG Becher) present our work.

  • 15. Apr. 2015 - Diksha Jain, student from IISER Mohali, India, joins us for 3 months as an internship student.

  • 21. Nov. 2014 - Our paper "Experimental protocol for high-fidelity heralded photon-to-atom quantum state transfer" appears in Nature Communications. The University issues a press release.
  • 27.-31. Oct. 2014 - J. Eschner and J. Brito present the latest results of the group on the "Quantum Optics VII" conference in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Link to Conference

  • 27. Sept. - 02. Oct. 2014 - The "Highlights der Physik" in Saarbrücken on the topic Quantenwelten are a tremendous success! The group presents "Die Zukunft von bits und bytes". Link

  • 25. Sept. 2014 - On the "Info-Tag" at Uni Trier, J. Eschner presents the physics studies and research at the UdS.

  • 15. Aug. 2014 - Our article "Quantum interference in the absorption and emission of single photons by a single ion" is highlighted as "Editor's Suggestion" in Phys. Rev. A. Link to paper. Press release
  • 01. May 2014 - The new BMBF funded coordinated project Q.com-Q starts. It will support our research towards single atom - single photon interfaces for the next 3 years.

  • 31. March 2014 - Dr. Jan Huwer's last day. We wish him all the best for his new job at Toshiba, Cambridge!

  • 22. Feb. 2014 - J. Eschner spends 6 weeks as guest researcher in Dave Wineland's and Didi Leibfried's group at NIST Boulder, CO, USA.

  • 31. Dec. 2013 - The BMBF-funded coordinated project QuOReP - quantum optical repeater technology terminates. A new funding period will start in May 2014.

  • 22. Jan. 2014 - "Was ist dran am Quantencomputer?" Quantum physicists from Saarbrücken explain the state of the art. Link to article.
  • 29. Jan. 2014 - Jan Huwer defends his thesis. His colloquium was held at ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona. Link to announcement.

  • 30. Sept. 2013 - Our manuscript "Single calcium-40 ion as quantum memory for photon polarization" has been published in Appl. Phys. B. Link to paper.

  • 21. Mai 2013 - Our manuscript "Heralded photonic interaction between distant single ions" has been published in PRL. Link to paper.

  • 12.-16. Mai 2013 - J. Eschner acts as Program Chair of the IQEC, held in München together with CLEO-Europe. Link to conference.

  • 10. Mai 2013 - J. Eschner and C. Becher are portrayed for their research in the magazine FORUM. Link to article.
  • 09. May 2013 - Our manuscript "A high-rate source for single photons in a pure quantum state" has been published in New Journal of Physics. Link to paper.
  • 10. Apr. 2013 - J. Eschner holds a public evening lecture at the FH Zweibrücken: "Physik mit einzelnen Atomen - Kontrolle von Quantensystemen". Pdf of the talk.
  • 02. Apr. 2013 - J. Eschner presents the talk "Heralded ion-photon and ion-ion interactions" at the QIon13 Workshop in Obergurgl, Austria. Link to workshop page.
  • 18.-22. Mar. 2013 - At the DPG Spring Meeting, Michael Schug, Christoph Kurz, Philipp Müller, and Pascal Eich present four contributions of the group. Link to meeting.
  • 14. Feb. 2013 - Physical Review Letters has accepted our manuscript "Shot-noise limited monitoring and phase locking of the motion of a single trapped ion", a collaboration between Karlsruhe, Saarbrücken, Mainz, and Innsbruck! Link to paper.

  • 16. Jan. 2013 - Our manuscript "Photon entanglement detection by a single atom" has been accepted by New Journal of Physics. Link to paper.
  • 06. Dez. 2012 - J. Eschner presents "Dompteure der Quanten - Die Physik des Nobelpreises 2012" in the Physics Colloquium. Pdf of the talk.
  • 09. Oct. 2012 - We congratulate Dave Wineland und Serge Haroche on winning the Nobel Prize for their breakthrough work in quantum optics, quantum information, and quantum electrodynamics!  more...

  • 01. Oct. 2012 - Joyee Ghosh, who moved with us from ICFO to UdS, is leaving the group. She will be a postdoc in Alan Migdall's group at NIST/JQI. Farewell Joyee, and all the best for the future!

  • 01. Aug. 2012 - Pascal Eich joins us as PhD student.

  • 01. Mai 2012 - Stephan Kucera joins us as Diploma student.

  • 28. Aug. 2011 - The ion lab appears in the program "future now" on Deutsche Welle (minute 5:38).

  • 01. Sept. 2011 - PhD student Philipp Müller has joined the group.

  • 01. Sept. 2011 - The ion-photon experiment is part of the QSCALE research network in the european Chist-ERA programme.

  • 01. Juli 2011 - Diploma student Johannes Lillig has joined the group.

  • 17. June 2011 - Inaugurational lecture of J. Eschner.

  • 01. Juni 2011 - Diploma student Pascal Eich has joined the group.

  • 15. Jan. 2011 - Hannes has moved to Saarbrücken.

  • 02. Dec. 2010 - Single ions in both traps!

  • 26. Nov. 2010 - The first single ions in the Saarland!

  • 01. Nov. 2010 - The ion experiment is part of the QuOReP collaborative project for quantum repeater technology.