Technology Management (Technologiemanagement)

Analog and Digital Teaching in WS 2022/23


In the winter semester 2022/23, the lecture and the tutorial of the module Technology Management will be offered as a hybrid live event, which gives you the opportunity to participate in the event either in presence, or digitally via "Microsoft Teams". The lecture will take place on Tuesdays, 10-12, starting on October 25, 2022, and the tutorial will take place on Mondays, 12-14, starting on November 14, 2022, in the lecture hall building B4 1 / lecture hall 0.07 (cf. LSF). If you are interested in the course "Technology Management", please register for the course via our learning platform Moodle to get access to the course materials. In the section "Organizational Matters and Announcements" you will receive the access data for the hybrid live lectures and the live exercises. Instructions on how to use Moodle and Microsoft Teams can be found  here.


In case of technical problems we reserve the right to change the event format.



  • Semester: winter semester
  • Study programs: see study/examination regulations
  • Scope: 4 SWS/6 CPs
  • Exam: written exam
  • Location: Building B4.1, Lecture hall 0.07
  • Time: Tuesdays, 10:00a.m. - 12:00p.m. (Lecture) / Mondays 12:00p.m. - 2:00a.m. (Exercise)
  • Start: 25 October 2021 (Lecture) / 14 November 2021 (Exercise)
  • Contact: Richard Betzold (richard.betzold(at)




The course "Technology Management" provides a general overview of the tasks and critical boundary conditions of technology management. The importance of technology management for the achievement of corporate goals as well as the related concrete requirements and tasks for securing and expanding the specific technology position of companies are explained. Based on these requirements, the most important theories and instruments of technology management are introduced and explained in the course. In particular, topics such as technology life cycles, technology portfolios, technology roadmaps, scenario and trend analyses, as well as protection, utilization and transfer of technological knowledge will be covered.


Content overview

  1. Introduction and Delimitation
  2. Fundamentals of Technology Management
  3. Technology Strategies
  4. Technology Early Warning
  5. Technology Planning
  6. Technology Development
  7. Technology Utilization
  8. Technology Assessment
  9. Technology Protection
  10. Sample exam



The contents of the exercise are based on the contents of the course "Technology Management - Lecture". Within the scope of the exercise, various aspects of the lecture part are deepened and implemented in a practical manner within exercise tasks, case studies, short presentations, discussions and group work. In addition to the development of methodological and social skills in the context of simulating professional teamwork, the exercise pursues the goal of preparing students for the final exam in a goal-oriented manner.



Course Materials

Lecture Notes


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Learning Objectives


After attending the Technology Management module, students will be able to identify relevant technology developments and evaluate technology trends, evaluate strength and weakness profiles of a company in individual technology fields, develop organizational forms for the realization of new technologies as well as manage the development and introduction of new technologies and recognize risks in time.



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