The focus of our research is the tailoring of the inorganic-organic interface in hybrid materials and nanocomposites with special interest in a controlled design of inorganic building blocks such as nanoparticles. The large interface area in these materials requires a specific knowledge in tailoring the chemistry between inorganic and organic moieties. The controlled design of the interface allows the induction of new properties in the final material. Our research is highly interdisciplinary between the fields of inorganic, organic, and polymer chemistry and utilizes a broad spectrum of techniques like X-ray diffraction, common spectroscopic methods, thermo-analytical methods or mechanical tests.

Associated work groups:

Speciation and elemental analyis  
(PD Dr. Ralf Kautenburger)
The working group WASTe (Working group for Analytical Speciation Techniques) is mainly focused on element trace and speciation analysis as well as on the development of innovative coupling techniques

Emmy Noether Research Group 
(Dr. André Schäfer)



April 13, 2021 | New hybrid material shows thermoplastic behaviour
Our study on polysilsesquioxane material compounded by using a simple polymerisation method was published today. Under specific conditions, we were able to produce a material showing thermoplastic behaviour. This is known for the usual organic polymers but not for silicone-like structures. While the material can be fused at 110 °C, it is solid at room temperature. There are some other properties of these systems that may be of interest for technological use: they are highly transparent and low-level permeable for gas molecules like oxygen or water vapour. They could be replacing the conventional silicones in optical applications and save resources in the process, as they do not need a platinum catalyst for cross-linking. In a study in the journal Macromolecules we were able to correlate the properties of this material with its structure. (

April 8, 2021 | Dennis Meier graduated
Today, Dennis Meier obtained his doctorate. Congratulations! Theme: „New polysiloxane based encapsulation materials for high energy LEDs“

February 15, 2021 | Jan-Falk Kannengießer starts his doctoral thesis
Today, Jan-Falk Kannengießer starts his doctoral thesis on „Stable Silanols and their reactivity in polycondensation reactions“. Welcome!

February 16, 2021 | Moulding super-hydrophobic surfaces of the carob tree
For billions of years, flora and fauna were creating surface structures that allow survival under special environmental conditions. Many of these microscopic surface structures are beneficial for technological use, e.g. for adhesion or light reflection. However, moulding these structures is difficult because of their microscopic refinement and their surface chemistry. In an international research project with research groups from Portugal and Sweden, we were able to mould finest structures by special polymer combinations and to transfer them to a new form. The polymer properties like adhesion and mechanical properties had to be balanced accurately. The article has been published in the Langmuir journal. (

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