BA Jonas Maier

Bachelor's Thesis Jonas Maier, 2021

Flachheitsbasierte Regelung einer mobilen Plattform mit Anhänger unter Berücksichtigung verschiedener Anhängepunkte


This thesis deals with the design and investigation of flatness-based methods for tracking control of a vehicle and trailer configuration. In this context, variable trailer attachment points are taken into account. The nonlinear model equations of the configuration and an associated flat output are derived. A so-called invariant path tracking controller is designed on the basis of an exactly linearized system. For that, both the concepts of invariant error and parameterization by a curve parameter are introduced. This is followed by the design of an observer. The function of both methods is verified by simulation and the controller is additionally validated experimentally on a mobile platform. By linearizing the system around a straight path, its open-loop stability is examined. In addition, the robustness of the tracking control with regard to deviations of the trailer attachment point is investigated in simulative studies. For reasons of clarity, the design of the tracking control is accompanied by the simple example of the single-axle vehicle. All in all, the investigations show that the control works for different attachment points and that there are cases in which the exact location of the attachment can be neglected.