ANR-DFG grant for Social Sciences and Humanities

Jun.-Prof. Annemarie Verkerk from our department and  Dr. Francesca Di Garbo from Aix-Marseille Université / CNRS Parole et Langage have been awarded a ANR-DFG grant for Social Sciences and Humanities.

Here is a short summary for their project:
"SocioBaGS: Macro- and micro-variation in Bantu grammatical gender systems and their sociolinguistic correlates"

"Our project examines variation and change in the nominal classification systems of Bantu languages. At each boundary of the Bantu distribution zone - the northwest, northeast and south - the Bantu languages are in contact with other language families that have influenced them; and of course, Bantu languages are in contact with each other. We examine the different processes of language convergence: do languages change accordingly depending on the type of contact, i.e. with non-Bantu or with other Bantu languages? In this way, we examine the sociohistorical correlates of language change in different language contact environments. What is novel in our project is that we approach the topic both using large-scale comparative analyzes as well as field studies, conducted in multiple regions of the Bantu-speaking world. We also employ state-of-the art methodology, regarding both sociolinguistic typology and quantitative methods."

Congratulations to both researchers!